Mutual Coin Capital is a cryptocurrency fund management company offering investors the opportunity to participate in supporting emerging blockchain-based technologies. ​Our team of analysts and traders intelligently identify future drivers of value in the cryptocurrency space by assessing each project’s teams, technology, whitepapers, sustainability, problems solved, appropriate use of blockchain technology, and it’s token economics. To date, we have invested in companies helping people access cryptocurrencies, cross-border payments, enterprise blockchains and new protocols.






Michael Mendoza has thrived in his career as a tech entrepreneur with a specialization in startup incubation and acceleration. Having spent years fine-tuning his criteria for vetting and valuating startups, he was well-equipped with applicable hands-on experience when he began investing in ICOs and trading cryptocurrency two years ago. During this same timeframe, the ICO market had far exceeded the IPO market, needless to say this shift was an obvious choice for someone with an eye on growth potential.

Michelle Tacawy is a data analyst and cryptocurrency trader with a compelling focus on ROI optimization. She is a hardwired data-based decision maker, likely as a result of her years of high performance in buying and selling online advertising. Her shift into trading cryptocurrency was as natural as it was an irresistible opportunity for a person inclined to the data and tech worlds.

Together, Michael and Michelle have fused their expertise to formulate an effective and reliable method of investing in cryptocurrencies. Their vetting process includes a combination of data analysis, leveraging their positions as active members of the crypto-community to evaluate reputations, and a proprietary formula of scoring for return and growth potential. Their investments have consistently yielded 250%+ gains on average.



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