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Why Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Cryptocurrency is the elephant in the room that everyone is talking about. From experts in traditional financial markets chiming in to celebrity stunts promoting coins (see Ashton Kutcher on the Ellen Show), it is undeniable that cryptocurrency is a leading topic in the public forum. The inevitable question is whether or not to get on the bus. Here are some things to consider:

1) It's purpose: Cryptocurrency serve many purposes and one of its fundamental purposes served is eliminating the need for the financial intermediaries involved in exchanging money and ultimately the fees that are involved when using these institutions. This benefit to individuals and businesses is huge.

2) Security: Cryptocurrency is based on cryptographic security via cryptography. So, instead of relying on a centralized financial institution (i.e. a bank) to keep your money and information safe, cryptocurrency solely relies on mathematics via fully redundant decentralized blockchain technology. Transactions on the blockchain rely on a "proof of work system", meaning that once a transaction has been confirmed, it cannot be altered or forged.

3) Accessibility: Traditional investment channels have proven to be challenging for most, often with little return. Investing in cryptocurrency is simple and accessible to anyone, 24/hours a day, with full control, and at any level of investment.

4) Transaction Time: It is common for bank transactions to take 24-72 hours to process, with many factors coming into play including the time of day, day of the week, and holiday schedule. With cryptocurrency, global transactions are completed within minutes. This is the first time the world has seen anything like this.

5) THE CHARTS: Year over year, the returns of cryptocurrency investments have proven to be exponentially greater than what anyone has ever seen in traditional investment channels. These channels, such as the S&P 500 or bank interest rates, which the masses have historically deemed as "safe places" to hold their assets have typically resulted little to no return and give investors little to no control over what their funds support.

These few points are just the tip of the iceberg and we aim to continue to spread awareness and education of the endless benefits of cryptocurrency. When you are ready to invest, reach out to us - we've got you covered!

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